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Delivering the most natural bird nest to the skin to bring out the radiance, glow and inner beauty.

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Bird Nest Product

  • Edible Bird Nest
  • Bottling Bird Nest
  • Instant Bird Nest

Our Services

OEM/ODM, Export, Cleaning Services & Raw Edible Bird Nest Trading.

Bird Nest Factory 燕窝加工厂

Bird Nest Factory

Certified with Haccp, GMP, Mesti, DVC & GVHP

About G Nest Bird Nest Manufacture

G Nest is an award-winning and most sought after bird’s nest brand in Malaysia, produced by one of the top ten Malaysian wholesales and manufacturer plants. G Nest Bird Nest Manufacturer was established since year 2014 in Malaysia, with a highly qualified management team, professional production staff team with a capacity for around 120 staffs able to produce and deliver 500 kg of bird’s nest per month. G Nest integrated value-chain includes raw acquisition, production, packaging and sales to our consumers with guaranteed satisfaction and proven track record.

We have our own swiftlet houses in each suburb of Malaysia states. Our processing plants are certified with HACCP, GMP, MESTI, GVHP & export listing certified by MINISTER OF HEALTH & Department of Veterinary Services. Before venture into the local and international market, we certified with local quality control (QC) and heat treatment to eliminate the Avian influenza and various known contaminations.

Our bird’s nest handpicked by the trained employees, with cleanliness of 98%-99% ensured. We are utilizing reverse osmosis water system (pure water) throughout the whole production process. RO water contains fewer contaminants, has lower sodium, has no parasites or bacteria, and is safer for cancer patients. Besides that, we will also monitor and QC the whole process to ensure our product quality. Customer can safely enjoy our imperially bird’s nest product especially pregnant women, kids, and elder.

Our vision is solely focus on providing the premium quality product to the market, and ensure our product and services exceed our customers’ expectations. Our mission is in good faith-based, quality assurance, without any artificial product, without any coloring and customer is our top priority.

We strive to extend a better customer services and good quality in bird’s nest related products to our consumers. Our services include Original Equipment manufacturer (OEM) service, by helping customer in picking their own bird’s nest and so on.

Our expertise also include exporting our bird’s nest products to the international market, such as Australia, China, United States, Singapore and the rest of the South East Asia. We welcome new and existing customer from local or abroad to visit our facilities, and we promise our best hospitaliy in hosting you and your honored guests.

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Why Choose Us?

  • 100% First-hand supply, we welcome everyone to visit our plant.
  • Professional OEM/ODM bottled & Edible bird’s nest.
  • Guarantee the quality of the source, 100% natural handmade.
  • Do not contain preservatives, chemical ingredients, and additives.
  • No need to hold large amount of funds and can immediately start dropship service.
  • Merchants can customize bird’s nest specifications and gift box packaging.
  • There is no need to worry about the supply problem, since the daily output is up to 500-1000kg.
  • We can provide all qualifications, license documents such as: import customs invoice, veterinary health certificate, inspection certificate.

We own more than 10 unit Swiftlet House at Natural Environment…